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Tube Ice Machines

Tube Ice Machines
The Unique design of our Tube Ice Machine Freezes Ice automatically in the Vertical Stainless Steel tubes by the Refrigerant circulating around tubes in freezer shell.

The Swril of water falls from the top of each tube, the hole is formed during the formation of Ice because of the falling film of water, freezing takes place inside the vertical tubes, as the water freezes the impurities are washed back to the sump tank to be released as and when required, when the Ice in the tubes is frozen to the desired thickness.

Hot gas is released automatically in to the freezer Shell releasing tubes of lce on to a cutter, the cutter cuts ice pieces of desired preset length.
The cylindrical Ice is available in three standard diameters 1 3/8", 1 1 / 8" & 7 / 8", Standard length is approximately 1" or can be designed to customers requirement.
Our staff strives to ensure that the Tube Ice Machines are among the strongest, withstand years of rigorous use. We are constantly working to improve efficiency, ruggedness, reliability of our tube Ice machines to keep us ahead of competition.
Our Tube Ice Machines are designed to satisfy the varying needs of different industries and customers. Our Tube Ice machine capacity varies from 1300 kg to 40,000 kgs. of Tube Ice per day, our self contained models are 1300 kg. to 5000 kg. of Tube Ice per day and are operational on Ammonia & R-22 refrigerant.
We supply a perfect Ice machine no matter what's your need, if any of our many models does not suite your need we will gladly work with you to custom design a model that fulfill your requirements.
» Highly efficient consumes less power.
» Lesser space required for production.
» Ice Produced in batches of 20-25 minutes.
» Minimum Maintenance and does not require any replacement parts for a long period.
» Investment lower than Block Ice Plant.
» Easy delivery through screw conveyers.
» Can be sold in any packed quantity for any use.
» Very high power consumption per ton of Flake Ice produced.
» Space required is also more compared to tube Ice Machine.
» It produces Flake Ice continuously and after few hours lumps of Ice are formed and becomes difficult
    for transportation.
» Wear and tear is very high compared to Tube Ice machine because of constant movement of scrapper.
» Investment is also higher and it also does not fulfill the rated production capacity.
» Requires manual handling as lumps are formed.
» Cannot be sold In packed condition.
» High power consumption when not working in full capacity.
» Very large area required for brine tank
» First Ice Block is produced in 2-3 days time.
» It requires frequent replacement of Ice cans, Brine Solution, Spares for Hoist, Agitator etc.
» Very high investment in building, land & plant equipments.
» Ice blocks being very heavy requires manual harvesting & Handling.
» Can be sold only in blocks.
All Purpose Tube Ice Machines Best For:
• Sea Food Processors • Hotel • Bars • Restaurants
• Fishing Industry • Concrete / Cement Mixing Plants • Air Lines • Flight Kitchens
• Meat Processing Plants • Poultry Packers • Dairy Plants • Bakeries
• Chemical Industry • Catering Services    
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